Just got Steel yesterday

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2021.11.27 12:00 tbonecrunch Just got Steel yesterday

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2021.11.27 12:00 DMHshadow The Nymphet Femme Fatale (As Popularized by Misreadings of Lolita) [14:52]

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2021.11.27 12:00 pedal_deals_bot Akai MPC Renaissance Groove Production Studio - $440 ($410 + $30 S/H) 66%

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2021.11.27 12:00 pixelnightmare193 Finally finish my nightingale in the workshop got the skin for it (This is the build I could think of if there's any other build plz let me know) Also I was was think pulsar magneter and scorcher scald

Finally finish my nightingale in the workshop got the skin for it (This is the build I could think of if there's any other build plz let me know) Also I was was think pulsar magneter and scorcher scald submitted by pixelnightmare193 to walkingwarrobots [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 12:00 HiFiGuy197 ‪I wish the auto warranty people would just dispense with the final courtesy calls and just close the file.‬

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2021.11.27 12:00 Pickitline Week 12 WR

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2021.11.27 12:00 TheMightyYoni So, no more Flashes today and tomorrow?

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2021.11.27 12:00 Scott_Sovereignty This Nancy Pelosi Lie Just Got EXPOSED!

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2021.11.27 12:00 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.11.27 12:00 numberbutton0 When does this show get good?

I know I’m gonna get the hate of my life for this, but when does murder house get good? Im 2 episodes in and it feels like it’s directed to emo girls and goth dudes. Like the whole cutting and the skeleton dude just are just so dumb to me. The only good character so far is the wife, and she’s not even anything special. The husband is ok, he just gets on my nerves because he cheated on his wife. The daughter is annoying she smokes, cuts herself, and overall is just a typical teenager and I hate that. Definitely never seen that before. And the skeleton dude don’t even get me started about him. I dated a girl a while back who liked the actor and I remember her showing me a picture of the dude, saying he was hot. I also have a friend who simps over the same actor and went as him for Halloween this year. WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT HIM? his character isn’t intriguing at all, he’s emo annoying and stupid.
All in all I just don’t feel like it’s targeting at my kinda personality. I’m a 14 year old dude who plays sports watches anime and does enough school work to pass. I think it’s geared towards emo 13-17 year old girls who sympathize with anything “sad.” It’s clear that they’re just trying to get me to sympathize with all these characters just so when they can kill them off I’ll be sad and love the show. It’s obvious.
why the hell is there so much nudity? They don’t need it I’m sorry. I’m just the first 2 episodes there has been like 4 different sex related scenes. It’s getting annoying. I’m not one to care about fan service but this is out of hand.
One last thing, the narrative has gone NO WHERE. In these 2 episodes the only thing that has happened is “you need to leave the murder house omg so scary house!!!!” Like please give me some sort of change or something. The whole thing with the ugly ass alien while they were trying to scare the crack girl was so dumb I don’t want to count it as story.
All in all it feels like this show is geared towards a certain audience I am not in. And people only like it because the skeleton dude is hot. So please answer me, does it ever change or is it gonna be like this the entire series?
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2021.11.27 12:00 exilen How can I lock an object in a dictionary, so another thread cannot read/get it

How can I lock an object in a dictionary, so another thread cannot read/get it before the lock is released and the object might be deleted etc?
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2021.11.27 12:00 introsort [Hiring] Support Engineer in Bangalore, Karnataka, India | Services at Microsoft (Microsoft)

To learn more and apply for the job, please see Support Engineer in Bangalore, Karnataka, India | Services at Microsoft
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2021.11.27 12:00 james321232 good morning folks

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2021.11.27 12:00 phoenixbbs New to expeditions - tips thread !

I'm on my first expedition, and found several hours in, something that would have helped. If you have any tips you can add, feel free :-)

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2021.11.27 12:00 SirOkurka Saw u/gtgood post about Denmark’s truck ambulance. This is “Golem” Mobile “hospital” in Prague. Used mainly to help during large actions (concerts, Christmas markets, festivals) or serve as a mobile hospital in case of disaster.

Saw u/gtgood post about Denmark’s truck ambulance. This is “Golem” Mobile “hospital” in Prague. Used mainly to help during large actions (concerts, Christmas markets, festivals) or serve as a mobile hospital in case of disaster. submitted by SirOkurka to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 12:00 karmagheden Former Irish Mobster Breaks Down 7 Irish Mob Scenes In Movies And TV | How Real Is It?

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2021.11.27 12:00 bookist626 I think I know why Andrias isn't as threatening now.

One of the things I noticed was that Andrias was honestly a lot more threatening back in season two. He got things done! The music box? Got it! Stabbing Marcy? Did it! Trick everyone into doing what he wanted? Easily! So what changed?
Simple, Andrias was reduced from a mastermind, a master planner and tactician, to a physical threat, someone who uses force to accomplish his goals.
Now let's be honest, Marcy is shown to be the only person who can reliably outwit Andrias. And she is, well, she's Darcy now.
Now, our heroes have to win. This isn't Game of Thrones after all. But when Andrias doesn't do anything to our heroes that matters after the episodes ends, it makes him feel really, well, pathetic, to be honest.
I get that it would be a lot harder for Andrias to manipulate everyone like he did in season 2, not to mention that it would be a bit repetitive, but if Andrias can't actually, accomplish something, why should I, the viewer, be threatened by him?
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2021.11.27 12:00 icxrif NCT 2021 - 3rd Album 'Universe' (YearDream : Stage 2 - Surfing in our Dreams)

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2021.11.27 12:00 skurt_cobain What breed is my dog? Thanks :)) He's about 4. I guess he weighs about 33 lbs/15kg. He comes from a Russian shelter.

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2021.11.27 12:00 29blue2001 People from ibiza album missing.

Has anyone noticed that Sandy Marton's album people from ibiza album is missing?? I don't know if they took it down but I have alexa set to play a Playlist that starts with camel by camel by Sandy Marton but it skipped that song and started playing the next song, new sensation instead. Anyone else noticed this album is missing??
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2021.11.27 12:00 andy-plays Reward Card Analysis Part V and an amazing Gladius Case!- A Diary Of A Splinterlands Player #021

Check out my original post on peakd:

There you can find the other parts of the series as well!

The Rares - Part II: The second part of my analysis on the rare reward cards and my fifth part over all. Some more are to come!
Venari Bonesmith I think this is the last Venari. After Life there is Death. And the Bonesmith is a bloodsucker. Literally. It has Life Leech increasing its health every time it deals damage. The big problem are void cards. Usually magic damage would help this card a lot, hitting almost certain, if not dodged by a phase card. But with void, the life leech ability is neglected up to Gold Cap, since the Bonesmith has only 1 Magic Damage from level 1-5. This is a clear disadvantage to all other Live Leechers, all of them having 2-3 magic (or ranged in the case of Vampire) damage. But the Bonesmith is the cheapest of them. In terms of price but also mana. So if you are not facing a void card, everything is fine and the Bonesmith can start to accumulate HP. But yes, it faces harsh competition: Vampire and Ancient Lich are also Life Leech monsters in Death Splinter, but also being able to use the ability from level one. Vampire is a common card currently only being 3x of the Bonesmith, while Ancient Lich is a legendary card sitting at 84x of the Bonesmith. But it also has 3 magic attack, and gets void and resurrect. Bonesmith gets to 2 magic attack from Level 6-8 and gets poison at Level 4 and Dispel at Level 10. It also gets one more starting HP at level 4 and level 7, and gets one more speed at level 2 and 5. If not facing a void monster, the Bonesmith can be pretty valuable – or if it gets Opportunity or Snipe through the Rule Set.
Twilight Basilisk Dragon has two Rare cards, since there are no common dragons this Reward rotation. The Twilight Basilisk is usually the cheaper one. At level 1 it has 1 Melee Attack, 3 Speed, 1 Shield, 3 HP and Reach, making it a very underwhelming card, which therefore has not a lot of use. This slightly changes at level 2, when another Melee Attack is added. The value is added at level 5, giving it stun. But it has some competition: In Dragon there are Dragon Jumper and Lighting Dragon, the last getting it already at Silver Level, the first getting it at Gold level as well, but being limited by using it on the weakest monster, because of its opportunity. Since both other dragons are a lot more expensive, both price and mana wise, the Basilisk is a good addition for the Dragon Splinter. But except for Dragon Splinter there are endless alternatives. Fire has Pit Ogre at level 1, Lava Launcher at Level 4 (also Gold level), Spark Pixies Level 5 (also Gold level) and Goblin Fireballer at level 10 (Diamond / Champion level), as well as Gladius Card Fina Voxom, which also gets it at Gold level. Water has Medusa at level 3 (Common, Silver level), Sniping Narwhal at level 6 (Common, Gold level), Frost Giant and Two Gun Pete, both legendary at level 4, so those are only available to Diamond and Champion players. Earth has Stone Golem and Spirit Shaman, the first being available to use it at Gold, the second already at Silver. Life has Thunderbird and Bila the Radiant, both also get the ability at Gold level. Death has Undead Rexx (rewards, level 9, Diamond+), Dark Enchantress (Alpha/Beta epic, level 4), Soulstorm (Untamed, epic level 6), Lord of Darkness (Alpha/Beta, legendary, level 2) and Cthuhu (Dice, legendary, level 2). So right now, both the legendary cards will be able to use it from Silver, Dark Enchantress from Gold and the other two in Diaond and above. Additionally there is Liza Fox, a Gladiator that gets stun at level 4, which makes it available at Silver level, since she is a rare card. And finally there are Goblin Mech (reward, common, level 6), Gremlin Blaster (reward, rare, level 5), Cyclops (Beta, rare, level 6), Dwarven Wizard (Promo, epic, level 4) and Chain Golem (Untamed, legendary, level 4), who all get it in Gold and above. But still, at time of writing the Basilisk is the cheapest Stun user regarding price. And it is one of the cheaper cards regarding mana, especially in modern format. So yes, the space is still in hard competition, but the Twilight Basilisk is a cheap versatile option.
Naga Assassin The Naga Assassin is a completely different story. Starting with one ranged attack, 5 speed and two HP, with no abilities, at two mana, it has its place in low mana battles already. At Silver cap (Level 4, 25 BCX) it gets Backfire, with the other Backfire option being the Pelacor Deceiver, which gets the ability at Gold Level first. So this is a unique selling point to the Naga Assassin. Actually it gains only HP in the first few levels, then backfire, then another speed and another ranged attack (at level 6), before it gets another HP and Swiftness. At Silver Cap, this is a complete beast. It doesn’t really do a lot of damage itself, but with 5 speed backfire is already going to be triggered a lot. And if that Swiftness would’ve been any earlier, it would completely broke the meta. In the Lost Magic rule set, this card is almost untouchable, while dealing a lot of damage to all the attackers. It is still to be seen, how good it really is, but to me, this is no $0.69 card. There is no real comparison, but at 2 mana alone this card is much more valuable, only being limited by its low ranged attack damage.
Gargoya Devil The last rare monster is the neutral Gargoya Devil. At level 1 it already has 2 ranged attack, 2 speed, one shield, 3 HP, Flying and Close Range, making it able to hit from first position. At Silver Cap it gets Deathblow – being the only card in the game as of right now – that has this ability. It will deal 2x damage to its opponent, if the opponent is the only monster left on the enemy team, giving a big hit to Last Stand monsters. Since it gets one more ranged attack at level 3, this will lead to 6 ranged attack to the last enemy monster, which is huge. It is limited by its low health and low speed. It goes to 3 speed at level 2 and stays this way, and is going to get another HP at level 6 and 7, and getting another attack at level 10, as well as another shield at level 5. So yes, it is getting bulkier starting from level 5, but it is still very vulnerable to magic damage on its own. Still being able to attack from first position makes this card very valuable. And it is said, that – at least in combination with others, it is a Llama + Kron / Flesh Golem killer. It is also a little limited by its high mana cost, but that is something that almost all close range cards share (Lava Launcher being at 9 mana, Axemaster at 7 mana, Beatrix Ironhand at 6 mana and Hero of the Beyond at 7 mana. The two Gladiators Alfredo at two mana and Tatiana Blayde at 8 mana are a little different; Axemaster gets Close Range at level 4, being only available to Gold and above and Alfredo at level 5, also being able to be used only when the Guild Barracks are at Level 7 and above).
What a Case! Didn't think, that I would get so lucky with a Gladius Case, but this was far above any of my expectations! Two Epics and two Rares! A total of almost 500 CP and very useful Gladiators!
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2021.11.27 12:00 cdr2021 Sensação de solidão extrema hoje

De modo geral eu já não sou uma pessoa muito sociável, embora tenha amigos com quem interaja bastante, principalmente durante a semana, mas muito longe daquilo de sair nos finais de semana, de viajar com grupos de amigos, de fazer coisas diferentes, e na maior parte das vezes está ok para mim, consigo me divertir sozinho, faço muitas coisas por mim, tenho meus hobbies que, na sua maioria, são atividades solitárias mas que me fazem me sentir bem, como tirar fotos, por exemplo, ou ir num café, ou ir na praça ler.
Mas hoje nada disso está parecendo suficiente, a sensação de solidão está foda, é como se tivesse um grande vazio, falta algo que acho que é simplesmente interagir pessoalmente com outras pessoas, ouvir a voz, olhar nos olhos, compartilhar momentos, fazia tempo que não sentia esse vazio, muito anos, na verdade, não sei se é porque eu tenho interagido bastante com pessoas na internet, mas ela não é a vida real, e simplesmente parece que não consigo me encaixar na vida real das outras pessoas ou convencer essas a toparem programas comigo. Acho que esse ano eu não me reuni com nenhum amigo presencialmente.
Enfim, senti que precisava pelos menos escrever para passar um pouco essa sensação que estou sentindo neste momento de querer mais, de ter esse vazio para ser preenchido, já tentei sair hoje para tirar fotos e não adiantou, nem isso me fez me conseguir realmente vivenciar o momento só comigo como companhia.
Provavelmente, pensando dessa forma, eu seria uma péssima companhia para os outros, mas a sensação de solidão hoje tá dose mesmo, fazia tempo que não sentia ela.
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2021.11.27 12:00 smartybrome HTML5 - From Basics to Advanced level (2021)

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2021.11.27 12:00 CrankyTime THE STRANGEST GAME EVER

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2021.11.27 12:00 abocado21 Improvements for TES 6 ?

What improvements and new things would you expect from the next Elder Scrolls Game ? Just curious.
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